Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jet Lagging, Gently

Slowly getting into the swing of things in Kyneton (Australia). I love it here so much. Such a fantastic country town. Great to just slowing unwind from the frenzy of life back in Vancouver. 

A few quiet images from my first couple of days...

My niece's chicken. I still can't really warm up to chickens. I like taking pics of them, but couldn't quite get into cuddle mode ;) 

Have no idea what kind of bird this is (it's tiny), but it was a pretty cute moment as she nestled back on top of her eggs. 

Curb-side daisies against a corrugated tin fence. Very Australian. 

Heading into Melbourne tomorrow.  Can't wait to check out the alleys!

Hope all is well and festive out there! 



We Heart Home said...

Love that picture with the chicken! So vivid!

Trisha Xx

the southern hostess said...

Stunning photos! I love that tiny nest!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Can we please talk about how BEAUTIFUL that chicken shot is, please? If you've read the new about me section on the blog you will know how much I adore our feathered friends! So sweet! Glad you've arrived safely. x

Amy Walters said...

I love quiet moments and getting away from the business of everyday life. Wishing you the very best vacation, Janis. xo

c and d said...

i love the top nest photo...glad to hear you're enjoying the much needed break. now get some shorts on!! ; )

Rosa @ Flutter Flutter said...

Oh, such pretty pics! I love teeny tiny birds! Have a fabulous time Janis. :)

Jennifer, Decorum said...

Your nesting bird looks like a Willie Wagtail.(Yep I just checked it out on Wikipedia and they have an identical photo to yours) They seem to hop around and waggle their long tail. Lovely pics and hope you have a great stay.

Jennifer xx

Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs said...

Those teeny, tiny eggs are the cutest thing I've seen all week! Enjoy your vacay. I'll be waving at you across the South Pacific with a Mai Tai in my hand.

Vintage Home said...

OH my you take the best images!
WE had snow, but it is gone in a blink!
Thinking of you and so happy knowing you are with family and sun!

Birch + Bird said...

Beautiful pics! Can't wait to see more from the land of summer and sunshine :)

Donna said...

Am a transplanted Vancouverite in Sydney... love reading your blog. Wondered if you know about www.thedesignfiles.net? Kyneton is often featured on there. Name is familiar now after reading about it here! I want to visit one day soon... it sounds lovely!

lisaroyhandbags said...

your pics are fantastic! have a wonderful time there - it's always nice to slow down a bit and take in a change of scenery. ps: thanks for the get well wishes xo

Jeane M. said...

Ah wonderful inspirations in here, lovely photos makes me smile. Cute little bird! :) Got my eye on your next posts.

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